Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Detox Day 3

I am tired. It could have something to do with my baby boy not sleeping well last night. He would cry but didn't want to nurse. I think his ear hurts, but he's not very congested and he doesn't have a fever.

When my toddler was an infant and she would have an ear infection, it was pointless to take her to the dr. because they wouldn't treat her. They told us that they wanted her body to learn how to fight off infection. So, we gave her motrin and she nursed and that was that. She had fluid in her ears from the time she was 2 months old until she was about 18 months, only had fever on a few occassions though. She seems fine now & has never been on prescription medication other than for allergies.

I'm hoping that my baby boy won't have to suffer like my little girl did.

Other than being tired, I was only slightly congested this morning. However, when I went to bed last night I was itchy like crazy. I wish I was not allergic to dogs, the rest of my allergies I could live with.

I had quite a few bananas today...not sure if that's bad for you or not though.  Let me see, I had 2 bananas with my tea this morning.  And that was it until lunch time.


I grabbed about 3 different bags of fruits out of the freezer and put them in the blender with some ice and 3 bananas and blended it with orange juice.  I had a large glass, my toddler had a small cup with a straw (this made her happy, she usually gets a sippy cup).  I put the rest in the refrigerator so that I can have it another day.

Pre dinner snack

I fixed some brown rice with broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage in chicken stock.  It taste good, but in the future I will have to remember to wait longer to add the veggies. They came out all mushy, I would not serve this to company.


Chicken legs are in the microwave defrosting, I have rice with veggies left over from earlier, and I will be making garlic cheese biscuits for the family.  I'm not sure how I will make the chicken.  I may grill mine with salt & pepper and make a salad with the dressing that I prepared on day 1.  The kids will get bbq sauce on theirs.  Still not sure though.

Today left me wanting bread.  It's only been 3 days since I've had any, it feels like an eternity.  I don't care about coffee, pepsi or ice cream; but I sure would like to have a burrito, sandwich, or nice big buttermilk biscuit! 

Home-made bread, muffins, cake, dinner I'm just torturing myself.

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