Monday, April 19, 2010

Where Do You Save Money?

I must say that I love the atmosphere & set-up at Hannafords. The selection is great & I like being able to stop & get a cup of coffee while I'm shopping.

However, I save so much more money at Price Chopper due to just a few simple facts.

#1) they double coupons
#2) they stack them with store coupons & BOGO free deals (sometimes BOG2)
#3) they have AWESOME Facebook Fan coupons in addition to great coupons every Thursday.

I understand a lot of people don't want to deal with couponing, but I have 6 kids & live on a single income & simply cannot afford to shop any other way. I only buy items that are on sale & stack them with my coupons. I spend less than $400 a month on groceries at Price Chopper for a family of 8 & in addition I'm earning $'s off gas in the mean time.

As much as I love Hannafords, they just aren't kicking out the deals like Price Chopper. I only shop Hannafords when the manager's specials are too good to pass up (which hasn't been since the .59c/lb fryer chickens on super-bowl weekend).

I'd love to hear how you are saving money; leave a comment bellow to let us know.
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