Thursday, July 7, 2016

Food & Drink (mostly drink) UK Adventures

A compilation of food and drink from our recent travels to the UK. We started out with a week in Scotland where we ate as much haggis as we could get our hands on.  #BTWhaggisisfantastic! Also along the same vein, cider (mostly local) where ever possible. 


This was a rather fancy meal at the hotel.  I called it haggis balls but I think the restaurant said they were truffles or Bon Bons. 

Whilst in Edinburgh we feasted on haggis, tatties & nips. Yes please! It was smashing covered in whiskey gravy!

We made our way down to Lindisfarne, Northumberland (England) for a week long archaeological dig and consumed all of the coffee (at least it did seem like a substantial amount at the time). I cannot say enough good things about Pilgrims Coffee... They roast their own beans in a yurt just outside the coffee house. Smells amazing and tastes great. Plus the owner is fairly fantastic and authored a lovely little dark poetry book. I highly recommend the book & the coffee; oh, plus they have food.  #cantgowrongwithpilgrims

Reading of the dark little poetry book, by the fire, on a cold day, whilst having lunch. #metotallygiddy

An important part of the archaeological process is the pint at the end of the day. I'm mostly certain the distance from trench to pub is considered in the planning stages. 


Lesson learned:  if you are at the pub long enough or you visit enough pubs each day, eventually you will see a monk, priest, or man of the cloth. 


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