Thursday, May 19, 2011

St. Albans Bay Flooding Images

I snapped some pics of the flooding at the bay today. The water was looking quite 14yo daughter mentioned that it looked like unicorn blood (from the Harry Potter movies). I'd have to agree with her;  it seemed to shine with a look of silver - beautiful.

St. Albans Bay
St. Albans Bay Park, parking lot

Driftwood - flood line

Flood fishing

I ran accross this young fellow while walking about and asked him if he's caught much. I was astounded to find out he had an entire ice chest full of fish! Way to make good use of these high waters. 

A week prior this house was completely surrounded by water. Thank goodness they were able to get sandbagged and semi-dried out. BTW-My husband's brother & wife used to live here.

B&W Driftwood on Beach

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