Friday, September 17, 2010

Lead in the Pipes

My sleeping boy
Sounds like a funny song or rap of some sort, but unfortunately it could be the cause of my babies high blood lead levels.
Not a laughing matter at all. I've been spending the better part of three weeks worrying about my little boy and how this may affect his entire life.
 Prior to his recent blood test I really never thought twice about the fact that we live in a 100+ year old home; now I feel like a prisoner in it.  It's not like I can just take my babies and go live somewhere else (although, this is what I would like to do). 
With Daddy
So I find myself doing research late into the night in order to learn all I can about how I can keep my babies safe from this toxic metal. I have learned quite a bit about paint, water, and the soil surrounding older homes (especially on the east coast).
I will be doing a series on what I'm learning and keep current with my babies trials and progress along the way. I'm doing this with the hopes that no one else will make the same mistakes as I have in feeling 'safe' in a house that could potentially be poisoning your children.
If you suspect you may have a lead problem, call your local health department to see what sevices they provide.

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